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Hillside Atlanta Foundation Launches “Reframe Children’s Mental Health Podcast”

Today, the Hillside Atlanta Foundation unveiled its new podcast, Reframe Children’s Mental Health. The monthly series will explore the latest in child and family behavioral health treatment from clinical professionals and experts. Episodes can be found on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts, with more platforms added in the months ahead. The Foundation sought to create a resource to help address a lack of quality information about children’s mental health. Importantly, children and adolescents will share their mental health journeys of struggle and healing in order to illuminate and inspire, while dispelling stigmas around treatment.

The Hillside Atlanta Foundation supports Hillside, Inc. in its mission to help children and families thrive by providing outstanding residential and community behavioral health services. To learn more about Hillside, please visit our website If you’re interested in supporting our Foundation you can learn more here. Learn how to support our Foundation.